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Part 4 of the "Aspect-Oriented Programming in .NET" webinar series, hosted by PostSharp is now available on Vimeo: Under the Hood of a Post-Compiler from PostSharp on Vimeo. Part 5 has already been recorded as well. I will post it soon.[...]
Surgery went well, thanks for asking. Now it's a few more months of rehab and I'll be almost good as new. I'm exercising my copy/paste skills again with this weeks Weekly Concerns link round-up: Using AOP with JSF for transactions when persisting data. [...]
This is the first "Weekly Concerns" (thank you Jason Karns for the name) post, of what is going to be a weekly series of blog posts that's basically just a Friday link dump. Not that each of these links don't deserve more attention and research, but, hey, [...]
I've written a lot of AOP demos, given a lot of presentations on it (AOP For You and Me and The Class That Knew Too Much), and I even wrote a book about AOP in .NET. These aspects are all great places to start, but I thought I would take it a little deeper[...]
It's the last part of the series, and I just thought I would wrap things up by talking about unit testing the aspect. I wrote a whole chapter in my book AOP in .NET on unit-testing of aspects. I also was honored to do a live webinar with Gael Fraiteur[...]
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