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Weekly Concerns: Keep your Perls and Sheep DRY

February 03, 2012 mgroves 0 Comments
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This is the first "Weekly Concerns" (thank you Jason Karns for the name) post, of what is going to be a weekly series of blog posts that's basically just a Friday link dump. Not that each of these links don't deserve more attention and research, but, hey, I get lazy sometimes, alright!

  • SharpCrafters webinar - "How to Stay DRY with AOP and PostSharp", featuring PostSharp developer Igal Tabachnik
  • White paper from Cornell about using AOP in seperating concerns (available in PDF and other formats)
  • The NDC conference in 2011 had an "AOP & IoC" track. I'm guessing many of you didn't make it to Norway for this conference (I didn't), but the NDC is kind enough to make video of the sessions available. Day 3, Track 5 features Gael Fraiteur (creator of PostSharp), Donald Belcham (fellow PostSharp MVP), and some other sessions about the more general topic of rewriting IL.
  • SheepAspect for .NET - another AOP framework that uses IL rewriting. I've not heard of this one much, but it is open source and probably deserves a closer look (perhaps in a future blog post).
  • AOP for Perl (yes, Perl!) with Aspect from Adam Kennedy (who has his own Wikipedia page), with a very comprehensive and well written README that's a pretty good primer on AOP in general.


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