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Surgery went well, thanks for asking. Now it's a few more months of rehab and I'll be almost good as new. I'm exercising my copy/paste skills again with this weeks Weekly Concerns link round-up:

That's all for this week.

It's been a pretty light week as far as interesting new links popping up. But here are three interesting items to check out. Have a good weekend!

  • The English in this white paper is a little rough, but I think they are using AspectJ to help find race conditions in multi-threaded programming. [PDF]
  • This is an older post, but still relevant: Myths and realities about AOP
  • Another AOP tool for .NET, called SNAP (Simple .Net Aspect-oriented Programming), and here's the Github repo for SNAP - it looks to be a tool that sits on top of Castle DynamicProxy and integrates with your favorite IoC container. 
  • A white paper from Germany on analyzing models to identify cross-cutting concerns, to best apply AOP when designing an application [PDF]
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