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Michael Bowman is writing functional tests with F# and Canopy.

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We take the internet for granted. I can send information to just about anyone without a stamp, without ink, without waiting for a truck to come pick it up.

However, some parts of the world are still mired in actual paper work, for whatever reason: legal lag, technology costs, fear of change, etc. So, despite the fact that I can book a hotel, refill my prescriptions, start an LLC, and a thousand other things over the web, there are often times where I still have to send faxes, sign documents with a pen, and lick envelopes.

I have come up with some ways of insulating myself from some of these primitive forms of communication. Often this means I have to take a PDF, print out one page, sign it, scan it, and then reconstruct that PDF. Or, with an expense report, I'll take multiple scans/photos of receipts and have to stitch them together into one PDF. A long time ago, I couldn't figure out how to actually stitch PDFs together into one document without something like Adobe Acrobat installed (which I don't want to buy and don't want to install). So, I created a little tool that I called MattDoc.

I called it that because it needed a name and I was in a hurry (as you'll see by the interface). I have decided to make this tool open source, as part of my ongoing code garage sale.

Here's how it works. Suppose I have three PDF files: page1.pdf, page2.pdf, and page3.pdf. I want a single PDF that consists of these three documents in series. I click "Browse" to add each file, in order. Then I click "Save to 1 PDF". PdfSharp does the work here. It also works with images.

MattDoc screenshot

The UI is very unpolished. It could use some work, and a couple more features (for instance, right now there's no way to reorder or remove files from the list).

Hopefully this will help you stitch documents together (or maybe there's a much easier way that I don't know about) or maybe this will help you try out PdfSharp for the first time.

P.S. If you check out the git history, you'll see that I wrote this before NuGet was really a thing (or at least a thing I knew how to use): I've been using it and getting value out of it that long.

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