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Jeremy Miller has created an open-source IoC tool called Lamar. This episode is sponsored by Smartsheet.

Show Notes:

  • StructureMap has been sunsetted

  • Instead, consider Lamar for your IoC container needs.

  • Nested containers

  • At one point I was rambling about ASP.NET Core’s inability to use the service locator pattern. Some quick points:

    • Don’t use Service Locator, there are lots of other better patterns to use.

    • DO NOT DO IT.

    • If you absolutely need it: here’s a blog post about it.

    • I was incorrect in the podcast by making a sweeping statement about ASP.NET Core not having service locator. But for a very specific, narrow case where I wanted to use the service locator pattern recently, I was unable to do so. This might have been my own failing, or something that just isn’t possible with the built-in ASP.NET IoC. I have not tried this very specific, narrow use case with Lamar yet.

  • I plugged my book, AOP in .NET yet again.

  • Lamar is named after Mirabeau Lamar (a hero of the Texas revolution)

  • Paper: Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern by Martin Fowler

  • Gitter room for Lamar

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