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The Third Annual C# Advent

October 03, 2019 mgroves 0 Comments
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What is the C# Advent?

The C# Advents in 2018 and 2017 were so much fun. It's now time to sign up for 2019.

Just like last year, each day of the Advent calendar will have up to TWO blog posts. That means that there is a maximum of FIFTY slots! So, tell your C# friends and let's fill up this calendar.

A little history: I heard about the F# Advent Calendar, a tradition that's been carried on since 2010 (2014 in English). I think this is a great idea, and so I organized one for C#! (I asked Sergey Tihon for permission!). If you are running other developer advent calendars, just let me know and I will link to them here.

Let's Get Started

I need you to write a C# blog post, create a video, write an article, etc.

Here are the rules:

  1. Reserve a slot on Twitter (with hash tag #csadvent) or leave a comment on this post. You do not have to announce your topic until the day you reserve.
  2. Prepare your content (in English).
  3. Add a link in your content that links back to here, so that your readers may find the entire advent. You can host your content anywhere you'd like: your own site,, hackernoon, medium, wordpress, youtube, dzone, etc.
  4. Publish your content on the specified date. Your content must be related to C# in some way, but otherwise the content is completely up to you. I've posted a few ideas below to get your creativity flowing.
  5. Share your post on Twitter with hashtags #csharp and #csadvent

Below are all the slots, and who has claimed each date.

I will do my best to keep this up to date. The slots will be first come first serve. I also allowed last year's authors to get first crack. I will claim the last remaining spot for myself.

DateClaimed byContent
Dec 1, 2019 Brant Burnett Simon Painter     
Dec 2, 2019 Luis Antonio Beltran Chris Ayers    
Dec 3, 2019 Kelson Ball Morgan Kenyon    
Dec 4, 2019 Ryan Overton Carl Layton    
Dec 5, 2019 Dave Cook Manuel Grundner    
Dec 6, 2019 Lukáš Lánský Simon Timms    
Dec 7, 2019 Chase Aucoin      
Dec 8, 2019 Matt Eland Jeremy Sinclair    
Dec 9, 2019 Meziantou      
Dec 10, 2019 Andrew Lock James Hickey    
Dec 11, 2019 DotNetCoreShow      
Dec 12, 2019 Brian Jackett      
Dec 13, 2019 Barret Blake Ed Charbeneau    
Dec 14, 2019 Benjamin Howarth Martin Zikmund    
Dec 15, 2019 Jonathan Danylko Hilary Weaver-Robb    
Dec 16, 2019 Shahed Chowdhuri Ian Bebbington    
Dec 17, 2019 Joe Zack      
Dec 18, 2019 Garo Yeriazarian      
Dec 19, 2019 Baskar Rao      
Dec 20, 2019 Andrew Angella      
Dec 21, 2019 Muhammad Azeez      
Dec 22, 2019        
Dec 23, 2019 Andrew Craven      
Dec 24, 2019 Thomas Carpe      
Dec 25, 2019 Mike Jolley Calvin Allen    


  • IF ALL FIFTY SLOTS FILL UP, please leave a comment or tweet with #csadvent anyway and I'll put you on this standby list:
  • Standby list:
    • Nobody yet.

Some ideas/topics to help inspire you:

  1. Blazor - C# for the browser
  2. Your latest open source contribution - show the community how you contributed and why
  3. Your favorite C# language feature - it doesn't even have to be a new feature, just blog about something you love about C#
  4. Introduce your favorite NuGet package / library. Even if it's a library you take for granted, not everyone has heard about it.
  5. How to avoid a pitfall you found with performance/memory/etc
  6. Integration/deployment of a C# application with Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, TeamCity, Azure, etc
  7. Write a "how to" for one of the many tools discussed in an episode of the Cross Cutting Concerns podcast or the DotNetBytes podcast
  8. Interview someone about C# and post the audio or a transcript.
  9. Implement a simplified example of a design pattern in C#

Thanks to everyone who is participating!


Matthew D. Groves

About the Author

Matthew D. Groves lives in Central Ohio. He works remotely, loves to code, and is a Microsoft MVP.

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