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Thanks to Scott Hanselman, John Sonmez, and Pluralsight, you can get a free week of Pluralsight video training.

But Pluralsight has so much content; where to begin?

  • Since this is an AOP blog, obviously I'm going to recommend Donald Belcham's Aspect Oriented Programming in .NET. (Donald Belcham is a fellow Postsharp MVP).
  • Speaking of fellow Postsharp MVP's, Dustin Davis's T4 Templates course is another good choice. T4 is a powerful tool, and even though code generation is sometimes blamed for some coding atrocities, there is a right way and wrong way to do it, and lots of great use-cases that can make your application easier to maintain.
  • I've watched a few MVC Pluralsight courses from Scott Allen. And since I've been talking about MVC ActionFilters, I think it would also be worthwhile to watch ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Fundamentals.

Anything else you'd recommend at Pluralsight?

I've been doing some research on Castle DynamicProxy for an upcoming screencast that I'm working on. So far, it's a pretty simple tool to use, and feels very familiar to other AOP tools that I've used. Here's a 101-level example:

And here's the output of that example:

DynamicProxy example output

Not particularly elegant, but by using an IoC container you can make it much cleaner and transparent (which will also be part of the screencast).

I started doing some AOP screencasts for some time ago. I had a roadmap in mind, but due to some unrelated events, I never got around to making the third one of these yet.

The first one is a pretty standard Hello World AOP 101 screencast that uses PostSharp: Getting Started with AOP Using PostSharp

The second one is called Working With Advanced Aspects, and just expands on some more PostSharp features around boundaries and interception.

I had definitely planned to do 2-3 more of these dimecasts, as sort of a way to give back to a site that helped me to learn some important tools and techniques in an efficient and convenient way.

So, I could continue with that plan, but if you have a suggestion as to what you would want to see in an AOP screencast, I'm all ears. Want to see some runtime AOP with Castle DynamicProxy? Or maybe some validation and initialization techniques with PostSharp? Or something else?

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