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Maybe this series will turn into an Every-Other-Weekly Concerns?

  • The Ruby Rogues podcast discussed AOP in a recent episode (episode 46). It's a good idea to listen to the whole podcast for context, but they don't really start discussing AOP directly until about 28 minutes in.
  • The proxy/decorator pattern gives some of the same benefits that AOP can give you. Derick Bailey blogged about using proxies and decorators in JavaScript.
  • A couple of white papers for you:
    • FeatureC++ and AOP - What's feature-oriented programming?
    • AOP is Quantification and Obliviousness - "obliviousness" often has a negative connotation, but I believe AOP in a team setting on a properly architected application can free up developers to concentrate on adding business value without having function requirements slowing them down

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend.

Matthew D. Groves

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Matthew D. Groves lives in Central Ohio. He works remotely, loves to code, and is a Microsoft MVP.

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