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There was a period of time that I was really into the game show Jeopardy!

I even had aspirations of becoming a contestant on the show, but alas it hasn't happened yet. But I did some research, and tried to figure out the best way to study/practice.

One of the best ways to practice is to actually play along with episodes of the show. Karl Coryat, a contestant on the show in 1996, came up with a way that you can practice at home and track how well you are doing. I started doing this, but it was somewhat tedious to do it with pen/paper or even an Excel sheet, so I wrote a little HTML/JavaScript to do most of the tedious stuff for me.

Coryat scorekeeper screenshot

You can check out my Coryat Scorekeeper now on Github. It's actually a pretty old piece of code at this point (it uses jQuery 1.4.0, which I believe was the latest release at the time I wrote it). It could probably use a fresh coat of paint (and an updated reference for the average Coryat score), but it's still functional!

In a previous post, I showed off prototype's 'wrap' function, which gives JavaScript some AOP capabilities.

jQuery, a tool that I'm more familiar with, doesn't have an equivalent function that I know of. But there is a jQuery AOP plugin that provides a great AOP framework to your JavaScript. 

While 'wrap' is akin to 'interception' style AOP, jQuery-aop includes some 'boundary' style aspects (as well as replacement/interception), including:

  • before a method
  • after a method
  • when a method throws an exception
  • when a method completes (exception or not)
  • "around" a method
  • replace a method (i.e. an "introduction")

There is some good API documentation available. Here's a little 101 example using "before" and "after":

Just paste that into an HTML file and run it in your browser, and you should get two alert messages. Since it's JavaScript, you can apply AOP to built-in functions like String.replace, or jQuery functions, just as easily as you can functions that you've written.

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