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Welcome to another "Weekly Concerns". This is a post-a-week series of interesting links, relevant to programming and programmers. You can check out previous Weekly Concerns posts in the archive.

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The Boise .NET User Group was kind enough to invite me to be a presenter. Boise is a bit too far away for me to make it there on a weekday on a small budget, but they were accomodating enough to allow me to present remotely. There were a couple minor technical issues, but mostly it went well. Even though I've done this presentation a lot, Brian cajoled me into talking about INotifyPropertyChanged, which is something I've only done once before during this talk (usually I'm constrained for time, or the group isn't interested in the MVVM pattern).

Brian Lagunas even made a recording of the presentation. The recording started a minute or so late, and it ending a couple minutes too early (the internet in the Boise location went down), but most of it is was recorded with Microsoft Live Meeting (not my favorite remote collaboration tool, but it was adequate). And now, it's on YouTube:

Slides and code are available in the AOP For You and Me GitHub repository.

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