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Sticking Place helpers and extensions

April 21, 2014 mgroves 0 Comments
Tags: csharp SQL ASP.NET ASP.NET MVC Sticking Place

Based on a Twitter conversation with Seth Petry-Johnson about mocking/faking SqlException objects in .NET, I decided to go ahead and put what I had written into an open-source project on GitHub. I didn't spend much time on the name: I thought about Sharp Stick and Pointy Stick, but those repo names have already been taken! So, I thought about "stick" some more and remembered the famous line from Lady Macbeth: "screw your courage to the sticking place". Well, I guess I don't have much of a future in professional naming.

Since I was creating a repo anyway, I thought I'd throw a couple of other helpers in there. I put in some of my favorite ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC helpers and an obscure little string helper. I'm not trying to remake PGK Extensions or anything--just putting some stuff out there that might help someone.

I should also note that the SqlExceptionHelper stuff isn't entirely original: I borrowed some code from a 2006 blog post by Rido, and just updated the reflection code since the private constructor has changed since then (and could possibly change again, since it's a private constructor in a sealed class).

Anyway, go check out Sticking Place on GitHub and let me know what you think.


Matthew D. Groves

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Matthew D. Groves lives in Central Ohio. He works remotely, loves to code, and is a Microsoft MVP.

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