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PostSharp on Windows 8

March 05, 2012 mgroves 0 Comments
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Does PostSharp work on Windows 8 (or more correctly, with .NET 4.5)? The short answer is: not yet.

Long answer:

I tried to get it to work, I really did. I tried using the PostSharp Silverlight assembly. I tried installing with NuGet and I tried directly from the PostSharp installer. I tried it with a fox, I tried it on a box.

NuGet fail in VS11

I'm guessing that SharpCrafters is going to wait until Windows 8 / .NET 4.5 is more stable and closer to release before worrying about updating PostSharp. SharpCrafters is a very small company, so they probably can't afford to spend resources on updating their product to work for a framework and operating system that aren't even used by the general public yet, which is totally understandable.

Here are some technical details about why it's not working. I do think it should work fine with VS11 if you are writing a .NET 4 app, if you are already doing that for whatever reason (can you do that? I actually don't remember). I'm going to try some other AOP tools on Windows 8 and see what I come up with, just in case you desperately need AOP in your hot new Metro app. I'm guessing DynamicProxy probably works in a XAML/C# project, and any JavaScript AOP solutions would probably work in an HTML/JS project, but we'll see...


Chad England has confirmed in a blog post that you can get PostSharp working in VS11 with non-.NET 4.5 projects.


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