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PostSharp and bindingRedirect

January 27, 2014 mgroves 0 Comments
Tags: .net postsharp msbuild

I was recently updating an ASP.NET project from MVC 4 to MVC 5 and I ran into some issues while compiling. The PostSharp post-compiler was complaining that it couldn't find a version of an assembly.

PostSharp exception

I had the correct bindingRedirects in the Web.Config. I'm not completely clear on how and why bindingRedirects work, but as I understand it, this will redirect the compiler looking for a certain version of an assembly to another version of an assembly. Something like this:

I wasn't the first to run into this issue: I came across a similar question in the PostSharp support forums. PostSharp needs to be told where to look for the bindingRedirect confirmation (since PostSharp isn't specific to the web, the configuration could conceiveably be in app.config, web.config, or some other config file). So, I merely needed to add a PostSharpHostConfigurationFile property to the csproj file, as shown in the PostSharp documentation. After that, everything worked fine.


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